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09:00pm 14/12/2005
  I got tagged by hosanna and phreeq-face diana...

The Rules: The 1st player of this "game" starts with the topic "5 Holiday Traditions" and people who get tagged need to write a LiveJournal entry about their 5 holiday traditons as well as state this rule clearly. In the end, you need to choose the next 5 people to be tagged.

1. this tradition is kind of new, but it's catching on a lot...christmas eve, when my mom's side comes over, my brothers have started to hold a little "concert" in the band room in the basement. It all started when slightly tipsy aunt roxanne brought up the idea...so now james plays guit and manu plays drums, and they improvise stuff like the kinks and the stones and all the things that our relatives will enjoy.

2. i give some stuffed animals of mine to cousin curtis...he's growing up now though...he's 7, but he'll still want toys. This tradition will probably end soon.

3. I'm usually deemed "santa" on xmas eve and xmas day (at grandma's with my dad's side). This means I get to crawl around like a tardo behind and around the tree, fetching presents to hand out to everyone. Basically I get stuck with it because im the youngest in my immediate family, and they probably think I like getting pine needles stuck in my hair, etc.

4. gigantic delicious xmas day lunch at grandma's...everyone brings stuff, and its sooo good. holy crap, i can't wait. Then, that afternoon, we all sit around grandma's tv room (as in me, the cousins, brothers, my dad and uncle richard) and watch one of the movies someone has received as a gift.

5. me unbuttoning my pants at grandma's christmas dinner. I eat just as much at the turkey dinner at my house the night before, but I tend to wear a skirt on christmas eve and dress pants on christmas day...when you get really full in a skirt you can just pull it up a bit, but in dress pants, we all know there is no slack at all. so they get unbuttoned and everyone knows it.

i'd tag someone but i basically dont know anyone else on lj other than the people who have already filled it out/are tagged by diana and rosie

(run to the hills)